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Part One Check In

Part One of The Edge of the World has been quite the ride. You start off confused and overwhelmed by a variety of names thrown at you then as you become accustomed to the characters and countries (or start taking notes like I did), you uncover these fantastic cultures with complicated ties and conflicts.

Basically, you have three cultures: The Tierrians, The Urabans, and the Sandaens. The three closely resemble the Judaic religions. With one omnipotent god worshipped by each culture. Two cultures have two different prophets the other culture considers a heretic. The Sandaens are Jewish people, without a country of their own, and the Tierrians and Urabans are Christians and Muslims though I’m not really sure which is which. I don’t think it’s really important.

Anderson jumps from perspective to perspective as the Tierrans and Urabans make an attempt at peace and gives a well-rounded account of the unfolding events, including messy cultural differences, assumptions, and struggles. Characters range from rulers of the countries to their family members to religious leaders and fanatics. I’m very impressed with the world building. Though I was confused at first, now that I have got my bearings, I appreciated the world that’s so easy to dive into.

It’s not perfect. The first part has a lack in significant female roles. It has followed the trend in fantasy to have a world dominated by men. I may have to eat my words though because one of the last chapters featured one of the female characters. I’m hopeful but not too hopeful.

The first part has quite a few twists and turns, and I’m a little sad to see that Part 2 will start two months later.

Author Snapshot: Kevin J. Anderson

So, Mr. Anderson here is bigger than I thought he was. He’s well known in the sci-fi world, and has a number of successful Dune-based novels as well as fifty-four projects based in the Star Wars timeline.  But he’s written over a hundred and about half of those have been best-sellers.

He and his wife started a publishing company to republish their out of print books. They also publish several big names in sci-fi and fantasy like Brian Herbert.

Seems like a pretty cool guy even if you don’t look at his numerous literary accomplishments. He likes to hike and does most of his “writing” on a voice recorder while he walks.

Check out his website or Twitter.

First Book Review

Featuring my fish Merlin Merlot!

Hey guys! …If anyone is out there.

I’ll be starting The Edge of the World by Kevin J. Anderson. I don’t know too much about it, but it seems to be a fantasy story set on a ship. It’s the first of the Terra Incognita trilogy. I won’t be reading the other two at least for a while… because I don’t have them! But I’m hoping it’s good enough for me to want to keep going… We’ll have to see…

You can check out my Goodreads or Twitter account for comments as I’m reading.